Le Loup
The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Notion' Millennium General Assembly
Few (if any) reviewers of Le Loup's debut so far have bothered to know, or research, or point out that, wow, these ballsy kids named their debut album after the pinnacle of outsider art: the golden seat for Jesus built from trash over 14 years by South-Carolina-cum-Washington-D.C. loner/janitor James Hampton. Several cluelessly cited the band for the album title's "quirky" and "arduous" unwieldiness, even though the record's blog hit is named after the imperative (FEAR NOT) on the sign that Hampton hung over the mammoth structure. Cult author Denis Johnson even co-opted the lengthy phrase for his Collected Poems, and included a picture of the Throne on the book's cover. His title poem about the work could be read as a prompt for Le Loup's rural-versus-urban, organic-versus-machinated, new-math sound-- Johnson describes the structure of "the forest" and "the city" as systems so full of "stuttering mystic replication" and "blithering symmetry" that they make you "go crazy(...)"

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