Whitest Boy Alive

Erlend Oye's love of disco has long been evident - from his time with Kings of Convenience to last year's disco-flecked debut album, Dreams, by The Whitest Boy Alive - but it's been well and truly cemented with the release of his band's new LP, Rules, forthcoming on their own label, Bubbles Records, on March 3rd 2009.

Rules - apparently titled because each track descrbes a rule - was recorded in Mexico this summer, where the band built a studio by the beach. The sessions resulted in several hundred different takes of 11 songs, inspired by recorded ideas the band gathered during soundchecks and live jams during the 120 gigs they played touring Dreams in 2007-2008. The Whitest Boy Alive say they follow their own Rules for recording - four guys (Erlend on vox, Sebastian Maschat on drums, Daniel Nentwig on keys, Marcin Oz on bass) in one room, playing live, no overdub, no FX. The music is recorded live in one take. "Nothing is added which cannot be played live", they say. "We do this until we get it right, for as long as it takes."



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