Late of the Pier
Fantasy Black Channel
(popmatters)Don’t get me wrong, Fantasy Black Channel never gives the heartstrings the slightest tug, nor does it intend to—for the time being at least, Late of the Pier’s music seems exclusively aimed at the shaking hips and nodding head, rather than the heart. But as a reminder that this precociously ambitious record was made by four young lads from Nottingham, Dust’s vocals lend a certain curious tangibility it might otherwise lack.

They might wear their influences pretty much inked onto their sleeves, but Late of the Pier’s debut is as exciting as it is excitable. What’s most promising is not just that Fantasy Black Channel is a young outfit’s first album and is as hook-laden as it is immersing, but that you sense that the young outfit in question aren’t even going flat-out just yet.

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