I Monster
These Are Our Children

This avant garde electronic pop outfit from Sheffield, England follows in the city's rich musical tradition which ranges from Cabaret Voltaire to Pulp via the Human League and Moloko. Jarrod Gosling and Dean Honer formed I Monster in 1997 after a mutual fascination for music led to them bumping into each other while "borrowing" records from Sheffield Central Library. Honer was already in the dance collective the All Seeing I and was an occasional producer for electronic trio Add N To (X). With Honer being so busy I Monster remained in the background, although this gave Jarrod some time to fully exploit his musical obsession while working in a Sheffield record store. At the start of 2001, Honer formed Cercle Records with Barry 7 of Add N To (X) with the sole purpose of exposing the world to even more challenging and very strange Sheffield acts. The same year I Monster released "Daydream In Blue", a track featuring a sample of the Gunter Kallmann Choir that had previously been used in Portishead's "Sour Times". It also cropped up on another 2001 single, the Beta Band's "Squares", leading to the latter being withdrawn from circulation because of its similarity to the I Monster track. Gosling and Honer duly broke into the UK Top 20 with "Daydream In Blue". In 2003, Gosling left his record shop job to concentrate on working with Honer in I Monster full-time. The duo created the eerie fairground soundtrack NeveroddoreveN, which built on the woozy atmospherics of "Daydream In Blue" and featured additional contributions from French vocalist Marion Benoist.

Video : Daydream In Blue

P.S.: Info do N.M.E. em relação a esta banda é muito escassa... De três albuns, só tem info de um ...

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