Happy Birthday (2007)

1. Godspeed
2. 2000007 (feat.TTC)
3. Happy Birthday
4. Let Your Love Grow (feat. Paul St. Hillaire)
5. B.M.I.
6. EM ocean
7. Sucker Pin
8. The First Rebirth
9. The Dark Side of the Frog
10. The Dark Side of the Sun (feat. Puppetmastaz)
11. Black Block
12. Edgar
13. hyper hyper (feat. Otto von Schirach)
14. Late Check-Out
15. The Wedding Toccata Theme
16. The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
17. Déboutonner (feat. Siriusmo)
Bonus track: I Can´t Sleep (Without Music)(feat. Maximo Park)

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Video: Earth (amostra de tréguas)

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